Modern Mystic

An ordinary guy by his own standard develops himself by writing openly. He grew up to be 6 feet 7.13 inches (201 cm) in Pirkanmaa region of Finland and continues his spiritual expansion in Helsinki, Finland then in Budapest, Hungary and now in Brussels, Belgium.

The focus is on organizing a personal documentary film that might be completed in 2020.

The writer has a Bachelor’s degree in Film and TV. He is aiming to be a Master of the Self (believe it or not there is a degree for Mastery of the Self).

SSS is open to all the help and support in every possible form. Contact

Photo: Karoliina Gröndahl

Moderni mystikko

Tavallaan tavallinen Pirkanmaalla sentin päälle kaksimetriseksi kasvanut ja Helsingissä sitten Budapestissa ja nyt Brysselissä henkisesti laajeneva kaveri Sami Sampo Salminen kehittää itseään kirjoittamalla ajatuksiaan avoimesti.

Painotus on kenties vuonna 2020 valmistuvan henkilökohtaisen dokumenttielokuvan organisoinnissa.

Kirjoittajalla on AMK tutkinto Elokuvan ja television koulutusohjelmasta. Hän tähtää itsensä maisteriksi (uskokaa tai älkää Mastery of the Self -tutkinto on olemassa).

SSS ottaa vastaan kaiken avun, kaikessa mahdollisessa muodossa. Yhteys

photos: Priscila Alegre


2 thoughts on “About

  1. It is a peculiar thing.. I was just ascending while Niko commented and a thought of this “about” site came to mind between the Ascension Attitudes: It might need updating since no plans to attend any Mastery of the Self cource are active at the moment. However I’ll let the goal be there. The photos are also quite old but that place in Vammala is dear to me.


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