Official supporters of Modern Mystic the film

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Euphoria Borealis ry


Production companies:

Abelsson Stories Oy


film industry:

Arto Koskinen (The godfather of this project, a film director)

Arto Halonen (Mentor, a film director)


Piia (Mother) & Risto Vihuri (Mother’s husband)

Pekka T. Salminen (Father and cinematographer of early video footage)

Peppi S. R. Salminen (Sister and a special character in my life)

Tuisku K. J. Salminen (Sister and an inspiration of loveliness)

Ilona M. Salminen (Sister and an infinite source of wisdom)

Karoliina Gröndahl (Partner in life, a documentary director)

Jaakko Siltanen (Cousin Brother,  a designer)


Ishtar Ishaya (Brother in soul, a teacher)

Lobke Thijssen (Sister in soul)

Priscila Alegre (friend, a video professional)

Martti Mäkelä (Friend, Theatre director, actor, R.I.P.)

Orion Abrams (Interviewee, a student)

Miika Abelsson (co-worker, CEO Abelsson Stories Oy)

Harri Heinonen (co-worker, Creative Director Abelsson Stories Oy)


Samuel Karppinen (Additional cinematography of pre-production state)

Susanna Kurikkala (Occasional co-direction of pre-production state)

Juha Mäkinen (Additional editing for Ascending Journal series)

Otto Heikola (GFX/logo for Ascending Journal series)

Written by S.S.S.

(update: y. 2018/ m. 11/ d. 07)