Isha-ya, what ?!

In the language of Sanskrit with myriad meanings, Ishaya stands for example of Highest Consciousness or for God (God = a highest force for good to everyone everywhere at all times, also without a gender or particular human qualities, Īśvara is a name for the aspect of God who acts and has recognisable qualities, Isha, God just is). There are modern Ishaya monks in the world and there are ancient Enlightened Ishayas guiding us mostly from within through our own reflection, eternal. The only True Teacher there is, is inside everyOnes heart. Commitment to any lineage or individual teacher of Ascension is voluntary. However surrender to Supreme Being (Īśvara) is beneficial and sometimes other individuals represent that to a seeking soul.

Often modern Ascension teachers use the infinity symbol to represent the unbounded One.

Ascension is a mechanical tool for one’s mind. There are 7 spheres of 27 techniques but there have been told to be 108 Ascension Attitudes all in all. I started the daily usage of these tools in January 2010 and never have stopped using them since. It is like a drug for the mind. Ascension is not meditation in the traditional meaning of the word. However TM (Transcendental Meditation) brought to the West by Maharishi Mahes Yogi (1918 – 2008) is a sister teaching of ours. His student M.S.I. (previously known as R. Vaughn Abrams 1949-1997) was the first Ascension teacher in the modern world. One can apply an Attitude whenever, even eyes open.

Praise, Gratitude & Love are the uplifting emotions given for the mind in the techniques. I ascend in Finnish, Spanish speakers in Spanish etc.. For the analytic left brain every student creates their own word representing the highest good to everyone everywhere any time (e.g. Spaghetti Monster or Chocolate. My word is Ascendant but it might not work for you). Third part of a technique phrase is a personal experience of something that is not believed to be as good as it is. When we ascend (with or without the techniques anyone of us, no teaching is required) we rise above the beliefs we have. Usually we tend to think everything is not perfect exactly as it is. No belief in anything anywhere is required in order to the A. Attitudes to work but the more innocent & without expectations I am the better I notice them to work.

The Ascension Attitudes are only given through One heart by a Teacher. I am not qualified to give the techniques to anyone, yet (On Fri, Sep 9, 2016).

Hari Om Tat Sat
(this is not even close to an ascension attitude it’s just a mantra meaning: All that Is or The Absolute Truth)

– S.S.S.

LIST of TEACHERS + INFO + Stories & Xtra:
(I personally can recommend)

teachers ‘n’ groups

1. The Ishayas’ Ascension, a cosmic brother of mine (Ishtar)
2. Narain Ishaya & Erin (aka Satta) living in Catalunya (their e-mailing list)
3. A couple that has been teaching Ascension since 1995 and further studied with Swami Veda Bharati (Savitr & Usas Ishaya)
4. The Ishaya Foundation (M. Kalima & Maha’s center in Missouri)
5. Nataraja Ishaya, a Finnish teacher of Ascension with Great Wisdom and Senses in Life (
6. The Bright Path (M. Krishnananda & the few of the prior 500 followers who are still with The Maharishi)
7. Ishayas’ Ascension: Ishaya Earth (Aramati & co.)

Books for introduction:
Isham, Sadasiva M.: Ascension!: An Analysis of the Art of Ascension as Taught by the Ishayas ($14,95)
Ishaya, N.: Chit Happens ($16.99)
Millemon, Chad J.: Ascension Meditation ($10)

The Art of Ascension as Taught by the Ishayas (dir. SSS)
Video inrtoduction by TIF teachers at a bar (prod.
Narain Ishaya says nice ‘n’ wise things (prod.

Best belly dance video of Ishani Ishaya
Cricket CD
Music by my bro’ Connor